Scott Hamm was born in Washington D.C. his father of Dutch/German decent was in the military and his Mother of Spanish decent an insurance agent. His parents moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona when Scott was young & then Fullerton, California where Scott attended high school.

Scott played football and organized baseball as a kid and continued to play baseball through high school and then college where he pitched for Canton College in Illinois. After sustaining a shoulder injury Scott moved back to California.

As a kid Scott loved two things: baseball and the movies. Baseball was no longer an option so he decided to try acting.

For the next three years Scott booked 15 guest stars credits on hit series such as : Nypd Blue, Jag, Moesha, The Division and was a series regular on Mtv's Undressed (Jason Ritter played his roommate) and booked a recurring role on Abc's General Hospital.

After getting close to booking some big roles (he lost the role of "Oz" in American Pie to Chris Klein and the role of "Lance" in Varsity Blues to Paul Walker) Scott took a break from acting. He thought about becoming a police officer and even started training at the academy. It wasn't long before Scott realized that acting was what he really wanted to do.

In the fall of 2015 Scott resumed his acting career.

Recent bookings include a lead role in the science fiction thriller "Chronology" starring Billy Baldwin and Danny Trejo. The role as a stalker paparazzi in the feature film "Little Star" starring Analeigh Tipton and Tyler Labine. "Coffin 2" the sequel in which Scott plays the lead role of detective "Bobby Church" and is also a producer on the project. In addition Scott also joins the cast of "A Doll's House" a feature film based on the play by Ibsen, starring Ben Kingsley. (2017)

Fun Facts

On his season of MTV's "Undressed", his roommate on the show was Jason Ritter - who's dad was one of Scott's comedy heroes growing up!

His episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" is ranked as the 26th most popular among fans out of 201 total episodes!

Starred in Backyard Dogs with Bree Turner (series regular on "Grimm") and Walter Morris (the original Black Power Ranger). Coincidentally, they were all cast to guest star in the same episode of "Moesha" as well.

Co-starred with Sandra Oh in "Arliss", then Kathrine Heigl in "Roswell". Both went on to fame in "Grey's Anatomy" together right after those series.

On his episode of "Deep Space 9", he auditioned for the role of the captain of the Red Squad. Three callbacks later, he did not get the role but was offered the part of Ensign Parton.


Has done two Spanish language commercials for All State and J.C. Penny, but speaks limited Spanish.




cobra kai you tube red

scandal recurring valerie weiss  abc

los paranioas LEAD jerry artukovich     internet

nypd blue GUEST STAR john hyams  abc

jag GUEST STAR terrence o’hara   cbs

general hospital RECURRING multiple  abc

moesha  GUEST STAR henry chan  upn 

the division GUEST STAR patrick norris  lifetime

undressed RECURRING danny salles  mtv

promised land  GUEST STAR terrence o’hara   cbs

walker, texas ranger GUEST STAR  Surface  GUEST STAR jonas & josh pate  nbc 

city guys GUEST STAR frank bonner  nbc

usa high  GUEST STAR gary shimokawa  usa 

star trek ds9 GUEST STAR michael vejar  upn

sweet valley high GUEST STAR steve markowitz  fox

partial list

film    director

coffin 2 LEAD kipp tribble  skyrocket filmworks

bike LEAD gaba gavi  ind. 

little star SUPPORTING dave schwep   kandoo film chronology LEAD kipp tribble    stern ent. 

still life    LEAD austin wood     ind.

honey jar LEAD ken del conte    first command

first daughter       SUPPORTING forest whitaker   fox

backyard dogs   LEAD bob boris  artisan

clutch  LEAD braggie schutt    ind.


Advanced Scene Study / Marjorie Ballentine, current

Advanced commercial callback workshop, Killian Mchugh

Advanced Animation V.O. : Tony Gonzales 

Special skills: College baseball, high school football, boxing, golf, weight lifting, softball, krav maga, grappling

Accents: Italian, Spanish, New York, Southern

Language: English, conversational Spanish